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Foundation Class



Class Length

60 Minutes

About the Group Class

Our Foundation Group class is where young athletes aged 8 to 12 embark on a transformative sports journey. We understand that athletic success starts with a strong foundation, and that's precisely what this program is all about.

In this dynamic and engaging class, we focus on nurturing fundamental movement patterns and acquiring new skills essential for athletic excellence. We prioritise not just physical development but also the mental aspects of sports, instilling discipline, determination, and a love for the game. Our experienced Exercise Physiologists lead these young athletes through a carefully designed curriculum, ensuring they learn to move with precision, strength, and confidence.

What sets our Foundation Group apart is our unwavering commitment to making fitness fun. We believe that fostering a positive and enjoyable environment is the key to keeping young athletes motivated and engaged. Through a combination of challenging workouts and playful activities, we ensure that each participant not only builds athletic foundations but also forges lifelong friendships. Our aim is simple: to empower the next generation of athletes, instilling in them the skills and passion they need to excel in their chosen sports and beyond. Join us in laying the groundwork for your child's athletic future.

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