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The Team

Who We Are

Trent Malcolm the founder and director

Trent Malcolm

Founder & Director

Trent is the founder and director of Active One Health Professional Group. He has been an Accredited Exercise Physiologist since 2006, accumulating extensive experience in the golf industry as a consultant exercise physiologist. His experience includes consulting with the Australian Institute of Sport Golf Program, the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic, Peninsula Kingswood Country Club and Bann Lynch McDade Golf Coaching. 

In addition, Trent is a former soccer player, cricketer and masters footballer and is currently a keen snow skier, mountain biker and long-distance runner. Trent has a sound understanding of the demands of multiple sports, which enables him to assess and prescribe highly effective exercise programs.

Rebecca McConnell

Exercise Physiologist

Bec McConnell has completed a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Her experience prior to joining Active One included 4 years of developing/delivering athletic development and strength and conditioning programs at sports academy schools.
She has a strong background in gymnastics as a former level 10 gymnast, state-level coach and an advanced level judge (for 10 + years). She has also been a state-level swimmer and currently pursues her athletic endeavours in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.
Bec brings to Athlete Evolution an outstanding resume in elite-level sport, a wealth of knowledge, and a passion for helping children and adults be their best while having fun along the way!

Rebecca McConnell accredited Exercise Physiologist

Marc Rotunno

Exercise Physiologist

Marc holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (2008) and a Graduate Diploma in Exercise Physiology (2009). Since starting his career in fitness in 2006, he transitioned to an Exercise Physiologist, contributing significantly to a sports injury clinic and offering both individual and group exercise services from 2012-2023.

Marc's professional journey includes hands-on experience with athletes across various sports like football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and netball. He played senior football for over a decade, representing VFL teams like Frankston and local football for Bunyip. Today, he continues his love for sports through recreational basketball and running, embodying the spirit of Athlete Evolution.

Becc Withers

Exercise Physiologist

Becc holds a Bachelor's degree in Sport Science and a Master's in Exercise Physiology. Passionate about team sports, she has excelled in basketball and netball since the age of 10. Her leadership abilities were showcased through coaching an under-12 girls' basketball team, and her refereeing skills earned her an A-grade accreditation.

Becc's internship at a high-performance sports school solidified her expertise in athletic development and strength and conditioning. Over the past three years, she has thrived in dynamic group exercise environments, consistently implementing evidence-based training techniques. Becc's commitment to fitness is highlighted by her completion of two half marathons.

Becc Website Shot.png

Scott Strickland

Exercise Physiologist

Scott holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Sport Science and a Master's in Clinical Exercise Physiology. He began his journey as an Exercise Physiologist in 2016, building upon roles in sport science and strength & conditioning since 2013. Scott's personal passions include football, golf, and water skiing.

Professionally, Scott has significantly impacted young athletes at Oakleigh Chargers and Yarra Junior Football League Interleague Teams, guiding many players towards successful AFL careers. His expertise extended to Box Hill High School's athletic programs and during his three-year tenure at Active One, highlighting his versatility and accomplishments in exercise physiology.

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